?> About the Manufacturer's Product Portal
About the Manufacturer's Product Portal
What is the Product Portal?

Due to shortcomings in FALCPA labeling guidelines, parents cannot rely on labels alone to trust that a product is safe for their child with food allergy. SnackSafely.com's Safe Snack Guide is a trusted resource providing options to families coping with food allergies.

The Manufacturer‘s Product Portal provides a means for manufacturers to submit their food products for inclusion in the Safe Snack Guide. Manufacturers supply ingredient and processing information directly to SnackSafely.com in a uniform, unambiguous way and in doing so provide an additional level of confidence to consumers.

What does it cost to participate?
Participation by manufacturers in the Portal is free as is the inclusion of qualifying products in the Safe Snack Guide.
What qualifications must a manufacturer meet to participate?
To qualify, manufacturers must meet the following criteria:
  • must be in business at least 18 months;
  • must sell their products in the US and label their products according to FDA/FALCPA standards;
  • must offer direct sales to the customers in the 48 contiguous states or offer their products in retail outlets in at least 12 states;
  • must provide live customer service or one business day response time to issues of concern to those with food allergies;
  • must agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies;
  • must agree to place our badge on their website.